Q. How can I make a reservation?  

Please call our office and speak with one of our friendly event specialists during business hours. 


Q. How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Please make reservations as soon as possible.  Our availability changes daily and we cannot hold items without a deposit made on the reservation.  We want to deliver the fun to everyone.  However, the reality is we can only do so many deliveries each day--depending on locations, trucks and staffing.  Planning ahead will guarantee your event.  


Q. What are your Payment and Cancellation policies?

All reservations must be secured with a non-refundable deposit.  We only accept payments using these credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Personal checks may be accepted for payment if received at least 14 days prior to event.  All balances must be paid prior to delivery--unless agreed to in writing. For deposits paid by charge card, the balances due will be charged to the same card the week of the event.  All monies received are non-refundable.

General Cancellations (other than Bounce Houses and Slide Combos). Customer may cancel the Services by providing written or email notice to Joey’s Jump Around, LLC.  Cancellations made 21 days or more prior to Event Date are eligible for a full refund to the Customer.  Cancellations made less than 21 days forfeit deposit paid to Joey’s Jump Around, LLC. 

Cancellations of Bounce Houses or Slide Combo rentals.  Cancellations made 7 days or more prior to Event Date, for other reasons than weather, will receive a Joey’s Jump Around credit for the full amount paid by Customer.  Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to Event Date, for other reasons than weather, shall result in a forfeiture of the deposit paid by Customer.  Joey’s Jump Around, LLC credits are valid for 1 year from Event Date and are subject to availability.

Inclement Weather
.  In the event of strong winds, heavy rain and other weather conditions that may be unsafe to equipment or participants, Joey’s Jump Around, LLC reserves the right to cancel or suspend services. If Joey’s Jump Around, LLC cancels the Services prior to arriving at the event, Customer will receive a full credit for amounts paid which will be valid for 1 year from Event Date.  Joey’s Jump Around, LLC highly recommends that Customers have an alternate, undercover or indoor plan in case of inclement weather.

Rain Checks (a.k.a. Joey’s Jump Around, LLC Credit)
Rain checks are available to be used for another event within 1 year of the canceled event date.  They are dependent upon item availability.  Some reasons for which rain checks would NOT be given include:
    • Lack of adequate electricity onsite.  The requirements for each unit are listed online
    • Cancellations once our personnel or equipment have arrived at event
    • Site being unsuitable (not enough space, type of ground surface, unsafe, etc.)
    • Lack of an adult being present to sign for the order during pre-arranged delivery time.

Delivery Charges

A $35 delivery charge applies if your setup location is 30 miles or more outside of 27549.

Q. How long can I rent the equipment?

Our residential rental periods for bounce houses and combos are generally 8 hours (1-8 hrs) and a small charge for for delivered equipment.  Games and concessions are priced at a flat rate and may be rented for the same duration of larger items.  For example, renting a bounce house for 8 hours, the cotton candy machine would be only its flat rate, but rented for the same duration as the slide.

Our standard delivery hours range from 8 am to 8 pm.   We may decrease the hours available due to early sunsets.  Delivery and take down times are outside of your rental period and not calculated into it.  Overnight and multi-day options may be available for many items.  Call to book outside of the standard rental periods.    

**Please remember that inflatables are not recommended to be used after sunset unless extra lighting is used.  Porch lighting is generally not sufficient.**

Q. Do you deliver the equipment?

Yes.  Enjoy your party!  Our uniformed crew will deliver and prepare you for safe and proper operation.   

Q. When will you deliver our rental?

You may expect a call from us giving you a more specific time a day or two before the event.  We generally start deliveries at 8 am and have all rentals setup before their start time.  The pickup window begins at your end time and may extend until 9 pm or even later on occasion.  If we deliver your items early you receive free play time as you will only be charged for your rental time.  If you select the Priority Delivery order option, we will work with you in delivering your equipment within a 2 hour window before your start time.  This is common for events at parks.  Please have an authorized adult onsite at the arranged time as our crew is usually on a route and have other customers looking forward to their arrival as well. 

Q. Are you insured?

Yes and a great question to ask any inflatable rental business.  Joey’s Jump Around, LLC. is fully insured by Cossio Insurance.  We can provide a copy of the insurance policy upon request.  The lessee or customer shall be in charge of monitoring each unit, unless specified otherwise and will sign a contract stating the same.  Joey’s Jump Around, LLC is not responsible for any injuries occurring to those using the rental equipment.  As always, use at your own risk.


Q. Do you have a minimum order amount for rental deliveries?

Yes.  For delivery to most areas in our region the minimum order amount is $150.00. If your items ordered do not meet the minimum you may elect to add a minimum delivery fee of $35.

Q. What are the Additional Order options?

Priority Delivery / Pick-up:  Add the Priority option if you require the equipment to be delivered and/or picked-up within 1-2 hours of your rental start and/or rental end times.  Priority is an additional cost of $25 (This is very common for events at parks and commercial sites).  Please keep in mind that safe and proper setup of inflatable rides takes time and anything less than a 1 hour delivery/pick-up window may not be possible.  Our Standard Delivery Window is any time between 8 am and your rental start time.  The Standard Pick-up Window extends from the end of your rental time until 9 pm.  Priority is not needed for performers.

Q. Can you setup at parks?

Yes. Please use this checklist to assist you in determining if the park you are considering is suitable for inflatables.  


[  ]  Check with the park for any requirements regarding reservations, possible permits and insurance needs  There may be a $50 fee to list someone as Additional Insured on our policy. Please check with us at the time of rental.

 [  ]  Add the Priority option to your order if you will not be at the park more than 2 hours before or after your rental time.

 [  ]  Go to the site and confirm requirements are met for electricity, setup area size and site conditions are appropriate for the items rented. 

 [  ]  Electricity.  Each inflatable ride requires at least one standard 110v outlet within 70 feet of each inflation blower.   Though it may be possible to run two blowers off a 20 amp circuit, it is recommended to have only 1 blower per circuit.  Even though there may be multiple outlets, they may be on the same circuit thereby sharing that circuit's limited power availability.  Play it safe, because if you pop a circuit breaker at a park, there may be no park staff available to reset it during your event. 
[  ]  Is there a load/unload space available for our truck?

[  ]  What is the distance to the site from the load/unload space?

 [  ]  Can we use anchor stakes?  Standard are 18” long while the size used for slides 36” long--both put in at an angle.  A sandbag fee may be added if stakes are not allowed.

 Q. What are the onsite requirements for inflatables?

Site Access: There must be a clear access route from our vehicle to your site (3' min width for bounce houses, 4' for larger units).  Stairs, steep banks or obstructed pathway can cause delays or possibly prevent equipment setup.  
Site Conditions:  The space requirements, including height, are listed online for each item.  The site needs to be flat.  Pet droppings, debris and any objects that may interfere with the use of, or cause damage to, the rental equipment must be removed.  Please rake recently mown grass.  Our crew will not clean or prepare the site.
Ground Surface:  Grass is best, but hard surfaces like concrete may work too.  Dirt or rocky soils are not acceptable and will be assessed a minimum $100 cleaning fee if used.  The ground surface choice may not be changed once our crew is dispatched as specific materials are required for each ground surface type and may prevent setup of the equipment.  Stakes will be used in grass unless otherwise specified.  For your safety, once the unit is setup it may not be moved.
Onsite Adult: There must be an adult available onsite to sign for the rental equipment and to direct where the unit will be setup.  The signer will receive instruction on the proper operation requirements of each rental piece.  Our crew usually has a tight schedule and may not be available to wait for an adult to show up.

Q. How much power is needed?

Inflatable rides require a standard 110v outletwithin 70 feet of each inflation blower.  For inflatables that people play on or in, NO EXTENSION CORDS.  Check each unit's page for how many inflation blowers it requires.  The blowers must run continuously and work best when being the only item plugged into an electric circuit (there may be multiple outlets running on each circuit.  For customers supplying their own generators, they must be at least 3500 running watts per outlet needed. Call for details. (Concessions and games may use an extension cord up to 100' long.)

Q. Is the equipment supervised?

We offer Rentals and Fully-Staffed options.  The rental option for bounce houses do NOT include an operator.  Customers are to provide adult supervision.  For Fully-Staffed events, our crew takes care of everything including the setup, operation and take down.   Our staff is available to stay on-site for $35/hour.  We also offer a supervisor option for monitoring multiple-unit Rental events.  They make sure your volunteers are trained and our equipment is operating correctly.

Q. Are your inflatables safe and clean?

Yes. We use the safest designs made by reputable manufacturers.  All of our inflatable rides pass the North Carolina State mandatory ride inspection by the North Carolina Department of Labor, Amusement Bureau.  Each inflatable is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected between rentals.  They are inspected onsite to ensure they are safe and ready.


Q. How many kids (or adults) can jump at a time?  

In general, most of the standard sized Bounce Houses and Combos can have (6-8) five-year olds (no more than 800 lbs).  For older kids, decrease the number of riders and no more than 800 pounds in a bounce house at any time.  Much of it depends on how excitedly the kids are jumping and being observant of how they are playing together.  For safety, have similarly-sized riders jumping at the same time.  The standard bounce houses and units with "Kid" in their title are not recommended for adults.  Check the rules printed on the front of each inflatable for details. 

Q. What are the staffing choices?

Fully Staffed events will include the necessary number of our staff to operate each piece of equipment that requires it.  Supervisors are an overall monitor for all our rented equipment at the event.  They provide training for your volunteers on operating the equipment and make sure everything is operating smoothly and safely.  They do not monitor individual items.
Each is dressed in our logo shirt.  


Q. May I tip the crew or performer?  

Thanks for asking!  Tipping is always welcome and always optional.  If you would like to show your appreciation of their efforts, they would most certainly be grateful.